RTW 2nd product introduction

In the video, we explained the details such as the specifications and fabrics of the 2nd RTW that was released the other day.
In the video, the staff actually wears the product and explains it.
If you are considering it, please use it as a reference.

This time type 2 uses 4PLY Wool which is the most popular and standard item of Igarashi Trousers every year.
It is strong and firm, does not easily wrinkle, and is easy to care for as long as it does not get soaked in the rain, it will retain its beautiful shape for a long time with just one press.
It has a natural stretch and is smooth to the touch, so it is very comfortable to wear even in the hot season.

The medium gray fabric is a very easy-to-use standard model with a side adjuster for carrying out the long, and the navy fabric is a special ready-to-wear model with single gurka type specifications that are originally limited to bespoke. We are here.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Starring: Matsumura (@igarashitrousers_matsumura)
Starring & Editing: Kitamura ( @igashiritrousers_kitamura )