MTM (pattern order) 1. Fitting - pattern creation

MTM (pattern order) 1. Fitting - pattern creation

This is the first introduction of MTM (pattern order).
For those who are interested in ordering, but suddenly want Bespoke, we highly recommend ready-made products (RTW) and pattern orders (MTM), which we will introduce this time.

In the video, I would like to introduce the process from fitting based on the gauge to pattern making, cutting, sewing, and the completion of sewing, with explanations.
This time, as the first step, we will send you everything from fitting to pattern making.

At our company, we consistently produce everything from Bespoke to MTM, RTW, jackets and blousons in our own Yamanashi atelier, so the major feature is that MTM and RTW are also of stable high quality. .
As for the pattern paper, which is the basis of the pattern order, we use a very high degree of perfection created based on the data and experience cultivated at Bespoke.

The video also touches on the differences between Bespoke and MTM, so please take a look.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding your order or any other questions.

Starring: Matsumura (@igarashitrousers_matsumura)
Igarashi (@igarashitrousers_igarashi)

Starring & Editing: Kitamura ( @igashiritrousers_kitamura )