Since its founding in 2014, IGARASHI TROUSERS has consistently produced over 2,000 trousers a year for each and every customer. It's a zmaker.

Its characteristics are the dialogue with many people since its establishment, and the trousers created by the accumulation of researching the lower body such as the skeleton and muscles to create patterns. Simply put, it is trousers that are both comfortable to wear and have a beautiful silhouette. That is why we have achieved the opposite elements of ease of wear and beauty.

The trousers, which are highly evaluated not only in Japan and in Asia but also in Europe, are made by Pantalonaio, who has devoted himself to his work at his atelier in Yamanashi Prefecture, and are sent to the world.

IGARASHI TROUSERS adopts a Direct to Consumer business model. Through dialogue with customers, we create the ideal clothes for each individual in our own workshop and deliver them directly. They are handcrafted by craftsmen at our own workshop in Yamanashi Prefecture. Our products and ideas are communicated through trunk shows, ateliers, and online stores held around the world.