After completing the order procedure, we will process the shipment within 3 business days. However, if you order together with pants, we will ship all together according to the latest shipping item.

Features of the model

- This is the IGARASHI TROUSERS original suit hanger that is only given to customers who ordered at the IGARASHI TROUSERS Tokyo Atelier Yamanashi Factory, and to customers who ordered BESPOKE at other stores.

-The IGARASHI TROUSERS logo is applied to the high-end model "Sartorial Hanger" from MANETTI, Italy's largest hanger manufacturer since 1961.

- The hanger, which uses a special foamed resin as a material, is a MAINETTI masterpiece that achieves surprisingly light weight and durability while clad in an elegant wood grain just like luxury furniture, and is now used by famous big maisons around the world .

- The 17-degree tilt from the neck to the shoulder is the best angle based on ergonomics, which MANETTI has reached at the end of its own research. In addition, the moderate thickness and organic roundness of the shoulder part protects the important jacket from losing its shape. The best hanger for suits and jackets.

- Velvet is attached to the bar to hang the pants, just hang it up and keep it clean and non-slip.

- We have received requests from many customers to purchase IGARASHI TROUSERS original hangers, so we will sell them only at the online store.


- Model name: IGTH-S

-Material: Body polyester resin / hook steel

- Country of Origin: Made in Italy


Product size (finished size)
size Width height Thickness
F. 40.0 27.0 4.8
(Unit: cm)

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