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Please note that we cannot accept returns or exchanges for items that have had their length or waist repaired. However, this does not apply if there is a defective product or a mistake on our part.

Features of the model

-Single guruka trousers, one of the representative models of IGARASHI TROUSERS.

-The READYMADE design has been popular for BESPOKE ORDER during the SS season.

-Unlike the Gurkha released last time, it is designed with the concept of being simpler and suitable for jackets.

- Gurkha band width is 5.0 cm, with metal fitting adjustment function (adjustable up to 4.0 cm).

-Simple and long-lasting design that can be worn both on and off.

-The stitch color is dark brown, and the thread color is not noticeable at the time of purchase, but as the fabric ages, the color of the thread will become visible.

-The characteristic of Igarashi Trousers is that they look slim. Because it is a Gurkha, it is not thick and military, but it has a slim balance that is unique to Igarashi Trousers and is easy to match with jackets.

-Although it is READYMADE, it is made through the same process as normal MADE TO MEASURE, using a lot of hand sewing.


- A masterpiece of trouser fabric made of domestically produced cotton.

-Igarashi Trousers has selected the best fabric from among many cotton fabrics that have been sewn so far.

Although it is 266.0g, it has a high density, does not wrinkle easily, and is strong enough to withstand long-term use.

-In order to prevent shrinkage, it is cut through the process of washing and drying, but it may shrink slightly.

-Avoid using a dryer.

-The inseam is 0.5 cm longer than usual, so we recommend that you specify it.


- Model name: IGT004-003

- Sizes: 42, 44, 46, 48, 50, 52, 56

-Material: Outer WOOL 100% / Bag COTTON 100%

- Waist correction width: plus or minus up to 6.0cm for each size

- Inseam adjustment width: up to 20.0 cm for each size plus or minus

- Season: 3 seasons except midwinter


Product size (finished size)
size waist hip Rise inseam ferry knee hem
42 75.0 102.0 23.5 75.0 35.0 24.0 19.0
44 79.0 106.0 24.0 75.0 36.0 24.5 19.5
46 83.0 110.0 24.5 78.0 37.0 25.0 20.0
48 87.0 114.0 25.0 78.0 38.0 25.5 20.5
50 91.0 118.0 25.5 80.0 39.0 26.0 21.0
52 95.0 122.0 26.0 80.0 40.0 26.5 21.5
54 99.0 126.0 26.5 83.0 41.0 27.0 22.0
56 103.0 130.0 27.0 83.0 42.0 27.5 22.5

(Unit: cm)

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