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Features of the model

- The Gurkha Trouser model, one of the representative models of IGARASHI TROUSERS.

- This is the fall/winter version of the Gurkha Trousers, which was well received in the first release.

- Uses COVERT CLOTH that can be worn in 3 seasons, mainly autumn and winter, and is made with colors and weights that are easy to use for both casual and dress.

- It is not a general Gurkha design with metal fittings, but a button-type Gurkha design that is typical of Igarashi Trousers.

- Because it is Gurkha, it is not the concept of "thick and military taste", but it draws a silhouette that is easy to match with jackets, etc. with the "balance that makes it look thin" that is typical of IGARASHI TROUSERS.

- The back pocket is only on the right side which is the style of IGARASHI TROUSERS. In addition, the back pocket is designed so that it does not open without a button, so the button is omitted.

- Gurkha band width is 5.0cm. The width of the obi is not too thick, so it is easy to match with jackets, etc., and it will be a good accent as the range of coordination expands.

- A major feature of the trousers made by IGARASHI TROUSERS is that they look thinner than the actual size. This creates trousers that look slimmer but are easy to wear.

- The trousers made by IGARASHI TROUSERS are READYMADE, but they are made like MADE TO MEASURE that can be resized. In addition, many processes are hand-stitched and are made through the same process as MADE TO MEASURE.

- The IGARASHI TROUSERS GURUKA trouser model is usually only available at BESPOKE, and is a model that was never made at READYMADE other than MADE TO MEASURE and official mail order sites. Only available on the IGARASHI TROUSERS official online store.



- WEIGHT is 440.0g.

- Strong and easy to care for, with natural stretch and wrinkle resistance.

- Due to the characteristics of the weave, it has a luster, so it boasts high versatility from casual to dress styles.


- Model Name: IGT002-005

- Sizes: 42, 44, 46, 48, 50, 52, 56

- Material: Outer fabric WOOL 100% / Bagging COTTON 100%

- Waist correction width: plus or minus up to 6cm for each size

- Inseam correction width: plus or minus up to 20 cm for each size

-Season: Three seasons, mainly autumn and winter


Product size (finished size)
size waist hip Rise inseam ferry knee hem
42 75.0 99.0 24.0 75.0 36.5 25.0 20.5
44 79.0 103.0 24.5 75.0 37.0 25.5 21.0
46 83.0 107.0 25.0 78.0 37.5 26.0 21.5
48 87.0 111.0 25.5 78.0 38.0 26.5 22.0
50 91.0 115.0 26.0 80.0 38.5 27.0 22.5
52 95.0 119.0 26.5 80.0 39.0 27.5 23.0
54 99.0 123.0 27.0 83.0 39.5 28.0 23.5
56 103.0 127.0 27.5 83.0 40.0 28.5 24.0

(Unit: cm)

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