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Please note that we cannot accept returns or exchanges for items that have had their length or waist repaired. However, this does not apply if there is a defective product or a mistake on our part.

Features of the model

- Open collar and large, low chest pocket create a relaxed look.

- The loose width creates a modern silhouette and creates a beautiful drape.

- The sleeves come with a band that can be fastened when rolled up, allowing you to change your style.

- Ignore's iconic suede is used for the gusset and back yoke.


- Rayon and polyester materials are comfortable to the touch and are breathable, cool and comfortable to wear.

- The elegant luster is a major feature, and it also draws a beautiful drape.

- The material can be washed in a domestic washing machine.

- The fabric itself is slightly stretchy

- The fabric itself is slightly permeable.


- Model Name: IGN101-001

- Size: S, M, L

-Material: Outer material rayon 85% polyester 15%

- Sleeve length/Length/Chest: Up to 4.0cm for each size plus/minus

- Shoulder width: plus or minus up to 2.0cm for each size

- Recommended season: 3 seasons from spring to autumn


Product size (finished size)
size Length shoulder width Sleeve Length chest waist hip
S. 71.5 43.5 62.0 114.5 106.5 108.0
M. 73.5 45.5 65.0 122.5 114.5 116.0
L. 77.5 47.5 68.0 130.5 122.5 124.0

(Unit: cm)

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