About shipping: We will process the shipment in 7-10 business days after completing the order procedure.

Please note that we cannot accept returns or exchanges for items that have had their shoulder width, dress length, or sleeve length repaired. However, this does not apply if there is a defective product or a mistake on our part.

Features of the model

- Ignore's 10-wear tie locken coat.

- Re-edited Tyroken Court with Ignore's interpretation.

- By adopting oiled cotton, it can withstand some bad weather.

- The waist belt is not made to go around, but is slapped on the right back waist and tightened at the front.

- Draw a beautiful silhouette by spreading toward the hem.

- A two-piece raglan sleeve that provides both momentum and beauty while ensuring room.


- Uses oiled cotton that has been waxed only on the surface.

- Contrary to its appearance, it can be used even in winter because it can prevent some wind and rain.

- It is a fabric that wrinkles easily, but you can enjoy aging with it.


- Model Name: IGN001-002

- Size: 1, 2, 3

- Material: COTTON 100% / Lining CUPRA 100%

- Chest: Up to 4.0cm for each size plus or minus possible. If you want to change the width of each adjustment, please fill in the request column separately.

- Length: plus or minus up to 4.0cm for each size

- Sleeve length: Up to 6.0cm for each size plus or minus

- Recommended season: 3 seasons from autumn to spring


Product size (finished size)
size chest waist Kemawashi Length sleeve length Sleeve Length
1 107.4 106.4 125.4 112.5 81.6 75.5
2 115.4 114.4 133.4 116.5 86.6 79.5
3 123.4 122.4 141.4 120.5 91.6 83.5

*Sleeve length is the measurement from the base of the side neck point to the cuff.

(Unit: cm)

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