[How to order Bespoke] How to make bespoke trousers

Bespoke, the finest line of Igarashi Trousers.
We will explain step by step the many processes involved in creating the ultimate one just for you.


◯ Appointment First of all, we will ask you about your desired date and time via the inquiry page or by phone.

◯ Fabric selection and measurement We have a wide variety of domestic and vintage fabrics, as well as fabrics from overseas prestigious mills and merchants. As for measurements, we palpate and measure the skeleton of each place, and draw a pattern for each customer.

◯ Temporary sewing It will be about a month after the fabric selection. Fine tuning and final confirmation of the design. In addition, it is possible to change the design even at the time of basting.

◯Delivery Approximately one month after fitting, we will make a final check on the fitting, etc., and then deliver the product. In addition, we will store your preferences and measurement data, so you can make it based on the data from the next time onwards.

If you use the fabric used in the video (covert cloth charcoal gray), it costs ¥96800- (tax included).

For reservations and inquiries, please use the inquiry form on the website below.

Bespoke (full order) PRICE ¥82,500- DELIVERY about 2 months
MTM (pattern order) PRICE ¥47,300- DELIVERY about 2 months

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